Friday, February 21, 2014

What is Your Password for ITT Student Portal?

We've found that many students still don't know what is their password for logging-into ITT Tech Student Portal Login.

And this post is your answer:

Your first password for ITT Student Portal is your birth day. It is ordered from Month, then Date, then Year. Make sure you include all four digits for the year
MMDDYYYY (Month - Date - Year)
So, If your birth day is 22 Mei 1990, then your first password would be:
After you log in, be sure to change this default password to your own password, so that other people can't access your profile page. Usually you can change it from your profile page on setting menu.

You should use a random and unique password, just like a combination of letter and number. But you will also need to save your password in other place to prevent if you forgot.

If you need assistance for logging-in ITT Tech Student Portal. You can Call ask your local Academic Support or call to this phone number:


Hope this post will help you.

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