Monday, February 17, 2014

ITT Technical Institute Highest Paying Salaries

As for now on 2014, ITT Technical Institute is more become advance and well known college in US. Many of their student alumni has great job with great paying salaries in list. But how about on the institution itself? we've learn from and found that working on ITT Technical Institute is also payed well.

So, this data below are from Glassdoor listing and we will write on this blog so you can focus on the ITT Technical Institute Top Paying Salaries Job, you can also check on the widget to see updated list of the salaries.
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Top ITT Tech Highest Paying Salaries (updated Feb, 2014)

1. Campus Director
    As a campus director, ITT Tech offer you with salary from $116K - $125K. As you will have a big responsibility to develop your campus in good way.

2. Director
    As a director you will get around $89K - $97K.

3. Professor
    As a professor, you have an opportunity to be paid hourly, and it's around $38 - $47/hour. or if you not paid hourly you will get around $62K - 68K

4. College Director

    College Director will have responsibility to maintain their college and the right way and will report to the Director or Campus Director. For this place you will get $78K - $85K

5. Chair, School of Electronic Technology
    ITT Tech is known as their best Technical programs, and one of them is the Electronic Technology. And if you're a chairman of this program, you will get $62K - $73K.

6. Director of Recruitment
    To maintain a good employee, and students, your salary is start from $60K - $73K

7. Chair, School of Information Technology
    Information Technology on ITT Tech Institute is very well known program, as a chairman of this you will get paid for $62K - 69K

8. Director of Admissions
    As a director of admissions you will be paid for $63K - $68K

9. Chair, Computer Engineering Tech Instructur
     It is $62K - $67K

10. Electronic Instructor
     you'll get $62K - $67K

That was the Top ten list of the highest paying salaries on ITT Technical Institute. If you like to know more detail, you can visit the site to read more.

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