Saturday, February 22, 2014

How to login into Student Portal ITT Technical Institute

This post is filed under FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) that we get from several students that get stuck on internet wondering how to login into ITT Tech Student Portal. So we hope that this post can help you or assist you to get access to your real profile page on Student Portal ITT Tech Edu.

The first thing you need to know, that you need to access Student Portal via Internet, For this, you'll need an internet connection, PC/Laptop/Smartphone, a good browser like: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera etc.

Then second, you need to browse into this URL address: ""or you can directly click from this blog widget on the top left. Choose ITT Tech Student Portal Login, it will send you to your student portal homepage.

On the step three, you can select the button that says you are working from a public computer. Select the button that says you are a student.

Then you need to enter your Network Login, your Network Login is your ITT Tech email id ( Read here for detail about Network Login ID...

You'll also need to enter your Password, your password is your date of birth "mmddyyyy". But make sure you include all four digits for the year. Read here for detail Password info...

Then you click the Log On button.

If your network login and password is correct, then you will logged into the portal. On this step, you're in ITT Tech Edu online server. From here you can check your grades and class schedule by clicking on the MY ITT TECH tab. You also can click on the RESOURCES tab and you can go to the Download Center to download a copy of Microsoft Office 2007 on your home computer (but I don't thing this feature still be use, please tell me if you still use it). And if you want to go to virtual library, you can also click on the RESOURCES tab and go to the Virtual Library.

You can ask me around Student Portal ITT Tech by posting your question on Contact Page above. I'll try to get your answer as soon as possible. 

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