Wednesday, December 14, 2011

ITT Tech Online Review

As a Technical and technological college institute, ITT Tech provide you with Online College which is called ITT Tech Online. So we would like to give some short review covering this online program. We are trying to review it in neutral so you will get the fair review, not a pro or contra review for the college it self.

Quality of Curriculum/Instructors

First of all, we will start reviewing from their Curriculum quality and how their Instructors can cover all of studies.

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Some students has their own opinions but in general we see that ITT Tech Online Course Program has a good Curriculum and great Instructors, we think that they have improve their teachers skills after receiving to much bad comment for several past years.

Student and Classes Services

The next big thing is their Services. As an Online Education, ITT Tech has equipped with online course technology, Student Portal and also Virtual Library. This is the most important services for being a good online college.

Tuition Satisfaction

I think this is a very sensitive thing to be discussed, but on the other hand tuition fees are the primary consideration for someone to go to a university. It is unfortunate indeed, tuition at ITT Tech Online Programs become their own weakness. It would be very difficult to accept for a technical college institution like ITT Tech Online is targeting approximately $ 45,000 (in total) for college expenses. That number is very big compared to a government university which also provides online courses facility, even it still quite expensive for such Private for Profit Institution.


Maybe in some aspects it still need much improvement to quality and their service, considering the number of bad assumptions about ITT Tech in global. But, we were unable to completely review and saying how the quality of these institutions, indeed we dedicate this web blog for ITT Tech students, especially those who want to know the progress of the university. There are many factors to be used as a benchmark in assessing an institution. Because, if only to assess "the words" of a few people, it's not strong enough.

Still the choice is in your hand.

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